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End of the Year Parent Letter

Although COVID-19 case counts in the United States have dropped significantly in recent months, over the past several weeks the McKean-Potter region has seen the opposite as regional cases have risen appreciably. The Pennsylvania Department of Health released the most recent seven-day period data. The McKean County incident rate per 100,000 residents currently stands at 105.8. The Potter County incident rate per 100,000 residents is at 187.6. Both counties are again considered to be in substantial community spread. The McKean County rate is the fourth highest in the state. The Potter County rate is the highest in the state. For more information, please read Superintendent Buchsen's letter.

Athletics Events

We are now using a Big Teams website to help you stay updated on all of our junior high and high school athletics events. We invite you to visit this new athletics site often to stay up to date on our team schedules.

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