Transporting PASD students safely to and from school is our top priority. To ensure student safety and to provide the best service possible, we have contracted with Joseph Muccio Transportation, LLC, as our pupil transportation provider.

Bus Passes

Student accountability associated with transportation is essential to the safety and security of children. We want to help ensure that bus drivers have the ability to transport children safely home; as such we require our bus riders to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • We permit parents to retrieve and/or drop off a student at different bus stops as long as the student continues to ride the same bus.
  • We will honor pick-up and drop-off changes to accommodate work schedules, provided the changes are consistent and approved ahead of time.
  • We will not accommodate requests requiring students to change buses except in the cases involving custody arrangements.
  • We will consider instances involving extenuating circumstances on an individual basis.
  • We require students to apply for a new district bus pass for any changes in assignment. We require all students to renew bus passes annually.

Riding Buses to School Activities
We require students who ride buses to athletics events and other school activities to return on the bus unless they have a written request from their parent or guardian. We only permit students to ride with their parents, rather than another party, if they are not taking the activity bus, subject to the approval of the principal prior to the event or activity.

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