Port Allegany students

Building Request

Upon request, we open our facilities for community use. Please complete the following form and return it to our office to secure your reservation.

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Buildings and Grounds

Since the construction of our school buildings over 50 years ago, we have fulfilled the desire of our predecessors to make our schools the life-blood of the community. Our schools are a symbol of pride in the community; our grounds and building crews work hard to maintain the beautiful façade and ensure a safe, clean environment for our students to learn in.

A Shared Community Asset

The founding members of our school board designed and built the current structures with the intention that we would share our facilities for the benefit and enrichment of the entire community. If you or your organization would like to utilize the facilities for an event, please complete the request form found at the side of the page, and contact us to make a reservation.


Contact Info

Elementary School
Mr. Tracy Kio


High School
Mr. Marc Budd