Port Allegany students

Port Allegany Students

Our Administrators

The people and staff who comprise our administration care deeply about providing a great education to the children of Port Allegany. With the best interests of our students always forefront, our administrators work hard to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive an education in a safe, learning-conducive environment. Our door is always open; we invite you to contact us at the email addresses below or call our office to schedule an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.


Mr. Gary Buchsen *
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Mr. Marc Budd
High School Principal
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Mr. Tracy Kio
Elementary Principal
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Ms. Erika Emerick *
Assistant Principal
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Mr. Adam Moate
Business Manager
814-642-2596 Ext. 4213
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Ms. Kari Stake
Food Services Manager
814-642-2544 ext. 4218
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Support Staff

Mrs. Cindy Lasher
Secretary to the Superintendent
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Mrs. Vicki Brown
Business Office Secretary
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Mrs. Jill Stuckey
Secretary to the Elementary Principal
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Mrs. Sharon Rosenwie
Attendance/Special Education Secretary
814-642-2596 Ext. 234
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Mrs. Mindy Bernardi
Secretary to the High School Principal
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About Mr. Gary Buchsen *, Superintendent

About Mr. Marc Budd, High School Principal

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About Ms. Erika Emerick *, Assistant Principal

About Mr. Adam Moate, Business Manager

About Ms. Kari Stake, Food Services Manager

About Mrs. Cindy Lasher, Secretary to the Superintendent

About Mrs. Vicki Brown, Business Office Secretary

About Mrs. Jill Stuckey, Secretary to the Elementary Principal

About Mrs. Sharon Rosenwie, Attendance/Special Education Secretary

About Mrs. Mindy Bernardi, Secretary to the High School Principal

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