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Student Services

The Port Allegany School District strives to provide every student with the teaching, tools, and learning materials necessary to succeed according to his/her abilities. Please contact our student services coordinator listed below if you believe your child might be a candidate for one of our programs.

Special Education

PASD maintains a strong commitment to providing an appropriate education for all of its students, including those with disabilities and special giftedness. We also provide an early intervention program for children and their families ages three to school age.

Child Find
PASD complies with state and federal regulations for identifying students eligible for special education services within our jurisdiction. Our Child Find activities include public notices in local newspapers, school handbooks, and on our website.

PASD provides screenings to identify any potential concerns that could impact a student's education. We utilize the ability/achievement discrepancy model for the identification of students with specific learning disabilities. PASD implements many elements of the Pennsylvania Response to Intervention and Instruction (RTII) framework. These elements include a tiered system of successively more intense interventions, standards-aligned curriculum, progress monitoring, and data based decision-making.

You may request, in writing, a screening and evaluation at any time, whether or not our child is enrolled at PASD. Please contact Erika Emerick, our district assistant principal, to initiate your request.

We provide individualized services and programs to children determined to need specially designed instruction due to the following conditions:

1.    Autism
2.    Visual impairment
3.    Hearing impairment
4.    Developmental delay
5.    Mental retardation
6.    Multiple Disabilities
7.    Traumatic brain injury
8.    Other health impairments
9.    Orthopedic impairment
10.    Emotional disturbance
11.    Specific learning disability
12.    Speech and language impairment

Related Services
PASD ensures all students, including those who are hard to place, receive services promptly in the least restrictive environment by collecting data from the pre-referral teams and parents. Representatives from PASD consult with the Intermediate Unit Nine Autism Team and behavior specialist consultants, utilize paraprofessional support, make referrals to the McKean and Potter County CASSP coordinators, collaborate with local wrap around providers, and participate in interagency meetings. We base all placements, including those in programs outside the district, on identified student needs.

Special Education Committee Members

Gary Buchsen
Marc Budd
Erika Emerick
Tracy Kio
George Riley
Loren Ferguson
Beth Scanlon
Ed Specialist – School Counselor
Ed Specialist – School Counselor
Ed Specialist – School Counselor


Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented support program is designed to meet the needs of mentally gifted students. PASD provides activities and units of study in various subject areas. Overall goals include enhancing student self-esteem; building leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills; and applying higher-level thinking skills.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Act

PASD guarantees all homeless children and youth a free and appropriate public education. Homeless children and youth include those living with or without their parents in a shelter (e.g. temporary family shelter, domestic violence shelter, runaway shelter), transitional housing, hotel or motel, campground, car, or on the street. Also included are those children and youth temporarily living with relatives or friends (with or without their parents) because they do not have a fixed, regular, safe, or adequate place of residence.

Health Services

PASD not only provides state-mandated health services, but it also functions to maintain and improve the health of each student while in school. We maintain a developmental health history for each student beginning in kindergarten and continuing through the twelfth grade, including required vision and hearing screenings.

We provide each student a comprehensive health exam in the kindergarten, sixth, and eleventh grades, conducted by the school’s physician or physician’s assistant.

Each student receives a comprehensive dental exam in the kindergarten, third, and seventh grades, conducted by a school dentist.

English as a Second Language/Bilingual Program

PASD provides a planned instructional program for identified students whose dominant language is not English. The purpose of the program is to increase the English language proficiency of eligible students, so that they can attain the academic standards and achieve academic success.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) mobilizes school resources to remove learning barriers including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and mental health issues. When the problem is beyond the scope of the school, we assist families in accessing services within the community. We:

  • Identify issues that may pose a barrier to a student’s learning
  • Determine if that problem is the responsibility of the district
  • Recommend resources to the student’s family
  • Establish contacts and links to resources
  • Provide a plan for in-school support during and after student treatment

For more information, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare SAP page.

Virtual Academy

We provide an online program for homebound students or students who cannot otherwise attend school. Please contact us for more information about this program.

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Erika Emerick
Assistant Principal
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